About Us

Olper’s Born to Bake is Pakistan’s biggest online baking show. It is brought to you by Olper’s and is digitally powered by Synite Digital.

With a team of top professionals working behind BTB, it is a one of it’s kind type of show, with nothing of such big proportions done in the digital landscape of Pakistan. With this project, the teams aim to venture into a new arena of digital content, one yet to be explored. And they have to big lengths to ensure that they set the bar high for potential followers.

The Born to bake team also includes a panel of top level baking maestros. These include Naila Naqvi (Owner, Pie in the sky), Raja Abdullah (Executive Chef, Ramada Plaza) and Saman Ayub (Owner, Cakes n Creams). They are all experienced and passionate in the art of baking, and have gone a long way in helping us make sure this show is on another level.

So whether you are an aspiring baker, or someone just browsing for some good content online, Born to bake is the place to be!